Citispoon helps you interact with your customers and influence their dining decisions in real-time.


Send targeted ads to customers

in close proximity

Send personalized branded content 

to your customers in real-time

Influence dining decisions

when it matters

Connect and have meaningful interactions with your customers.

We talk to restaurateurs every day who tell us “their guest engagement methods aren’t working!” We’re losing our customers to competitors who can deliver personalized branded content to their guest’s mobile devices in real time. We've been able to get by long enough using traditional methods to engage with our customers but we’re getting left behind because our competitors and customers use technology, and we don’t! Well, Citispoon helps restaurants interact with their guests and influence their dining decisions in real-time. Use the Citispoon app to target guests in close proximity to your restaurant with a meaningful local ad experience and drive customers into your seats!




Restaurants are being left behind.

Your customers know how they want to connect with you. Survey shows that 80% of consumers want personalized context-aware branded content on their mobile app. So why is it only 18% of restaurants using business intelligence that can actually deliver that person personalized content? Why is it that only 43% using analytics solutions? Shouldn’t 80% or more be delivering on personalized branded content? Citispoon can help you deliver on this!

Personalized content
Analytics solutions

Drive awareness for your restaurant. Let us help you get discovered.

Advertising with Citispoon places your restaurant on every foodie's "must-try" list in real-time. We connect people to local restaurants by suggesting where they can be seated now. Real-time notification when they are in close proximity to your restaurant, ensuring your ad is seen, and if saved, they get reminded that an awesome deal still waits to be used! Your ads are tracked to make sure they are seen and redeemed!

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